About Us

We are a company that is focused on providing excellent products to our customers. We do this by delivering a hassle free fence purchasing experience and paying close attention to detail throughout the process.

We do not cut corners when it comes to product selection or installation. We treat your installation as if it were our own homes or places of business. We try to keep the jobsite as neat as possible throughout the process, and we dig every hole deep enough to prevent heaving, so you can enjoy your fence for years to come.

We will pull any necessary permits your job may demand. We also get properly licensed, bonded, and insured when required to. We call the utility companies every time before we dig so the underground utilities are marked prior to installation, and we schedule any necessary inspection your city or village requires.
American Fence Professionals began after its owners were employed at two fence companies on the East Coast. Originally from Chicago, they came back and saw a demand for higher quality fences and stronger construction methods. Thus they began and have satisfied many customers since. We are members of the American Fence Association, and the Better Business Bureau. We undergo the latest training when it becomes available. One of our very own completed the most recent American Fence Association's Field Training School in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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American Fence Professionals

Proudly Serving Chicago and Surrounding Suburbs
Picture: Custom Wood Fence (Shadowbox on outside, privacy on inside)